Time Management | Finding More Hours in the Day
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As an executive coach, I work with clients from all over the country to support them as they develop their vision for success and then create and carry out action plans to achieve their goals. The one question that comes up in my coaching practice almost daily is:

How do I find more hours in the day?

We all need more time. We all want more time. We have big aspirations, we have wonderful people in our lives – and sometimes it feels like the days and years just kind of melt into one another. It can feel very frustrating when we have so much we are hoping to accomplish, and when we realize how limited our time on this Earth is.

While we cannot control the specific amount of time we are given each day, we CAN control how we use and manage that time as we set out to meet our professional and personal goals.

Think about your days as a high school student. There was a specific curriculum that your teachers had to deliver, and chunks of time allotted throughout the day for the various subjects that needed to be taught.

What if you designed a specific curriculum, with goals you want to achieve by the end of the “school year” and then laid out the coming days and months in such a way that those goals would indeed be met in that timeframe?

What if you looked at your work days – and even your personal time – in context of a schedule, with specific start and end times for activities that would all move you closer to your vision?

What if you saved the texting and social media for “recess”, instead of allowing yourself to be distracted by it all day long?

What if you carried an agenda book with all of your assignments written out each day to keep you organized?

You have the power to use your time more intelligently, and ultimately, to find more hours in the day by structuring everything appropriately.

There is a reason that the high school bell schedule has been in place all over the country for decades. Think about your business having that kind of structure, and how much more productive you will be when you manage your time with that as your model.

My guess is, once you have organized your time well, you will find more hours in the day for the activities and people you love - and you will get the results you have long wanted in all areas of your life.

To enroll in my time management training course, which will be available online this summer, email info@calecommunicaitons.com or call 845.876.2220 – or, for one-on-one executive or personal coaching services, reach out anytime. I coach clients from all over the country on time management and a host of other business and personal topics.


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